What is SAGE?

SAGE is a driving assessment for mature drivers but SAGE is definitely not a driving test! The assessment is based on common sense, safe, skillful, everyday driving. There are no trick questions or unusual manoeuvres.

The assessment will take about one hour to complete and your assessor will be a friendly experienced Approved Driving Instructor.

We present each person who completes the assessment with a certificate and written feedback.

Which vehicle will I drive? The assessment will take place in your own car and it will commence from your home address or a mutually convenient place.

How much will it cost? The assessment, including a written report will cost £45.

What if my driving is not up to standard? If your driving is not up to the required standard you will be given the necessary guidance and advice.

How to book your assessment

Thank you for visiting our SAGE website. Unfortunately at this current time all of our places are fully booked but we will be holding a waiting list and you can email us with your interest by clicking below. Once more courses become available we will contact you.

Email Us with your interest

What happens once I have booked a place?

We will arrange for one of our Approved Driving Instructors to make contact to arrange a convenient date for your assessment.



Safer Driving Advice


You MUST be able to read a vehicle number plate, in good daylight, from a distance of 20 metres (66 feet). Have your eyes tested regularly. Changes in your eyesight can happen slowly and without you realising it.

Vehicle checks

Regularly carry out basic checks on your vehicle. This should include checking the tyres, oil, water, lights, wipers and washer fluid level. Make sure your mirrors, lights and windscreen are clean. Details of how to do basic checks are included in your vehicle handbook.

Renewing your licence

When you reach the age of 70 the law requires you to renew your licence and this has to be done every three years thereafter. All drivers must notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) on the onset or worsening of a medical condition which may affect their ability to drive. Further information is also available on the internet at www.gov.uk/renew-driving-licence

The Highway Code

Make sure you are familiar with the current Highway Code, which is available from all good bookshops. The Highway Code can also be found on the internet at www.highwaycode.gov.uk